Brand: OBCON
Product Code: 326-08/10/12/15
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 Constructed in premium 3/4" MDF and large silver binding post terminal blocks.  Angled speaker baffle face that greatly reduces standing sound waves to improve the clarity and performance of your subwoofer system! 
SEALED with Medium air Volumes!

   8" - 20.5"W x 11.0"H x 11.5"D       .50 cu ft Air Space/Per Chamber   Sealed 

10" - 30.5"W x 13.0"H x 11.5"D       .75 cu ft Air Space/Per Chamber   Sealed
 12" - 30.5"W x 13.0"H x 16.5"D     1.25 cu ft Air Space/Per Chamber   Sealed
 15" - 32.0"W x 16.5"H x 19.0"D     1.75 cu ft Air Space/Per Chamber   Sealed

Not Concerned about MDF construction or deluxe terminal....Choose Particle Board option and SAVE $10! 

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