Brand: OBCON
Product Code: 328 Pioneer
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MADE in the USA using premium 3/4" MDF with true Labyrinth Slot Venting!  Not sure what Labyrinth slot venting is?  Look Here. If you would like a FREE bass performance graph of your Pioneer sub woofer, just email us the series and size of your Pioneer sub and we will let you know the best box for your subwoofer and send you the graph to prove it!!

Dimensions & Specifications:

  • 10" - 32.0"W x 13.50"H x 15.0"D     1.40 cu ft Air Space/Per Chamber     Tuning - 38 Hz
  • 12" - 34.5"W x 14.75"H x 15.0"D     1.85 cu ft Air Space/Per Chamber     Tuning - 36 Hz

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