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Pro Built FREAK Series Slot Vent 12x2
The FREAK Series Enclosure is a first of its kind.  Designed to play at low frequencies and high SPL's the FREAK has been deemed a Super Enclosure because of its ability to house some of the world's most powerful subs; including the MTX 9500, the Rockford T2, and the Pioneer SPL Subs.

The ultimate in competition series enclosures.  Built and Designed by the Pro's to crush anything in its path!  With 3/4" Plexiglass, 1" MDF, V-Block sound deadening spray, brushed aluminum side panels, this box is the FREAK of nature your looking for.


    • 16.0"H x 34.0"W x 19.5"D - 2.20 Cu Ft Air Space/Chamber

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