About Us

That's right, over 25 years ago, R&T Enterprises was established in a garage size building in Kelso, Washington.  The first speaker boxes produced were for the premier speaker of the day, the good ol' 6X9 oval speaker that sat in the package tray behind the rear seat or just rolled around in the trunk!

Time, of course, totally changed the car stereo industry and it evolved into the high tech, fast moving business it is today.  R&T evolved right along with it with CNC routers, computerized panel saws,  laser cutters and other technical equipment that produce the exacting precision parts and pieces required in today's car sub woofer systems.

In the early 1990's, R&T expanded into an additional manufacturing facility in Kewanee, Illinois to reduce shipping times and cost to the midwest and east coast.  This addition, plus other expansion in Washington state, brought R&T's total manufacturing, warehousing and shipping facilities to over 100,000 square feet of floor space.